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Tuesday, November 26


No one knew who Vince Ferraren was until he came out with an underwear ad for a local fashion label. This half Aussie, half Pinoy's popularity is quickly on the rise with a slew of endorsements right up in his alley. 

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Steam (2009)

JUICY!!!!!! Plot synopsis: Two men trapped inside a steam room are trying to make sense of the situation and each other. Title: Steam Director: Eldar Rapaport Year: 2009 Country of Origin: USA Language: English
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Monday, November 25


JUICY!!!!!!There are a few hunks that I will always come back to on the blog, because I know that a lot of the readers here feel the same way about them and can appreciate them as much as I do. Kirill Dowidoff I one such hunk, and after seeing what there was out there that I hadn’t shared on here with you all before I decided (very quickly) that it was time for another post of this handsome man.

Check it out and wish you have x-ray specs or something, because that is such a teasing sight you will definitely be interested in seeing what’s in those shorts.
The gorgeous hunk is definitely not shy about showing off and teasing the audience, and I think that is one of the things that makes him the perfect model for ES Collection. His handsome looks and that body are the main thing, but the way he shows it all off definitely makes him sexier icon wink More Of Kirill Dowidoff

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Thursday, November 21

Ben Foden

JUICY!!!!!!I guess it might be something to do with his growing modelling career, and the fact that he’s been hanging out with a lot of gay men in the last few years and our buffness tends to rub off on straight guys – yes, I meant that to sound as hot as it did. Come on, this is Ben Foden we’re talking about! lol
Yes the handsome stud is straight, yes he is married to Una from the Saturdays, but he’s also become a bit of a gay icon over the last few years and all that awesome socializing has obviously had an effect on him.
Don’t get me wrong on this, his hairy and slightly bearish appearance before was enough to have most of us weak at the knees, but this new and improved muscled hunk appearing in some sexy undies for the magazine has definitely been turning heads and will not be turned away by any of us!
Enjoy the pics guys, and lets hope that we see a lot more of this handsome dude over the coming year, I can’t get enough of him icon wink Ben Foden   Hotter Than Ever
Ben Foden Hotter Than Ever 1 Ben Foden   Hotter Than Ever
Ben Foden Hotter Than Ever 2 Ben Foden   Hotter Than Ever
Ben Foden Hotter Than Ever 3 Ben Foden   Hotter Than Ever
Ben Foden Hotter Than Ever 4 Ben Foden   Hotter Than Ever
Ben Foden Hotter Than Ever 5 Ben Foden   Hotter Than Ever
Ben Foden Hotter Than Ever 6 Ben Foden   Hotter Than Ever
Ben Foden Hotter Than Ever 7 Ben Foden   Hotter Than Ever
Ben Foden Hotter Than Ever 8 Ben Foden   Hotter Than Ever
pixel Ben Foden   Hotter Than Ever
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Saturday, November 16

Same Difference (2002)

JUICY!!!!!! Leon and Noel are twin brothers. When Leon becomes interested in Abi and Abi becomes interested in Noel a love triangle is formed until Noel makes a declaration of his own. Same Difference (2002) Director: Harry Richards Country:UK Genres:Drama, Short, Short movie Runtime:11 minutes
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Adrien Kute

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Thursday, November 14


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Sunday, November 10

Justin Clynes

JUICY!!!!!!Clynes is one of those guys who didn’t stumble into modeling and he wasn’t scouted either. At the age of 19 he left his home in Fl. and headed to New York with the intention and ambition to become a male model. And his leap of faith certainly paid off, quickly being signed to work with “Click Talent” management. While starting out his new career posing in front of the camera, he soon discovered an interest in acting also, and spent several years learning the art of being someone else with conviction. That paid off too, and since his days of working to achieve his goals he’s worked as a model for some major brands including “A&F”, “JCPenny”, “DKNY” underwear and “Macy’s”, as well as appearing in several magazines including the cover of “Cosmopolitan” magazine. But his acting is also right up there, having appeared in “30 Rock“, “Ugly Betty”, “All My Children” and “CSI: New York”. And his talents spread to the stage as well, appearing in “Great White Way”, “A Chorus Line”, “The Full Monty”, and “Beauty and The Beast” to name a few.
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Saturday, November 9


JUICY!!!!!!I just can't believe that i ignore this guy before, gosh i must be out of my mind.Kirill Dowidoff a model/actor from Moscow, Russia. I first noticed this buff 21-year-old hottie in an ad campaign for ES Collection. He’s quickly gaining a following and I have no doubt he’ll be fronting a major underwear brand in the near future. Most likely in briefs since he says he’s a brief man. Even though I think he’s absolute perfection, Dowidoff doesn’t think so. If he could change a body part, it would be his ears. LOL. I guess we all have a cross to bear ;) Check out photos of Kirill below snapped by photographer Ruslan Elquest
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Rob Thwaites

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