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Sunday, December 28

Evan Nelson

JUICY!!!!!!Evan is simply stunning." "Gorgeous. Flawless from head to toe." "One of the hottest guys ever displayed on DNA

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Saturday, December 13

Billy Villeta

JUICY!!!!!How do you like thick, strong and sturdy legs? Up and coming model Billy Villeta shows us his chunky stumps. Sexy! Billy is the 2010 Hari ng Negros and a semifinalist in the Mr. Philippines 2013 contest .
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JUICY!!!!!! Two young men experience the pain of separation and broken hearts after an unexpected breakup during a restless Chicago summer.
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Saturday, November 29


JUICY!!!!!! John Harren Cuevas is one handsome being. If this hottie looks awfully familiar, maybe you have seen him (and his buttocks) in the recent Bench Body underwear shows. Or as one of the members of Viva Hotmen of the racy past. Here he is all hard and sexy, with muscles in the right places and bulges in the proper sizes. This one’s a hottie, most definitely.Harren was the last (and the cutest) Viva Hotmen member, that late lamented strip-lipsync-and-grind group of sexy boys. He has also appeared in straight-to-video movies Pinoy Kamasutra and Erotic Lapdance.
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Thursday, November 27

Spring (2011)

JUICY!!!!!! A young man meets a stranger for an experience that will change his life forever.
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Ricardo Veia

JUICY!!!!!HOT and look at that BULGE....!
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Sunday, November 16


JUICY!!!!!! Director Patrik-Ian Polk provides exciting character developments, brilliant cinematography and life lessons for all, particularly for black LGBT members. Cameo appearances of key actors of the Noah Arc series are visual delights. Director: Patrik-Ian Polk Writer: Patrik-Ian Polk Stars: Jussie Smollett, Anthony Burrell, Blake Young-Fountain
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Saturday, November 8


JUICY!!!!!!Check out handsome male model Giovanny Velasquez from Colombia, showing off in some very interesting and quite beautiful images. There’s something very seductive about a handsome and tanned hunk like this against a black background, it’s so stylish and sexy.
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Monday, November 3


JUICY!!!!!!What will you do if you see this hot hunk in your bedroom doorway? Say, underwear model and occasional actor Marx Topacio is down to his white briefs and you see some throbbing blob, too? Will you grab the opportunity?
Rookie Renz Dilla Tee-hee. This guy’s all around the male bikini pageant circuit, and he is one hot and flawless chinito!
His name is Jerome Edward Tan, first runner-up to 2013 Mr. Chinatown, Randy See Cailles. With his cute chinito looks, he could be in the movies – the sexy variety where he gets to show off his bod, of course. Jerome is proud of his Business Management degree from the Chiang Kai Shek College. Meanwhile, showbiz is beckoning and Jerome might just take a solo spot in the klieg lights soon. swim coach and lifeguard Henrik Lagoni is the newest IT boy in the modelling circuit! The 6’3″-tall Danish-Filipino student of Business Development Engineering from Aarhus University in Denmark is in town to explore opportunities in modelling and other jobs.
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