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Thursday, January 30

Handsome Landon Falgoust

JUICY!!!!!!Has there been a name change for this handsome male model? Back in April last year I shared some very sexy photos of a young shirtless man by the name of Kaylan Morgan Falgoust, and unless I am wildly mistaken, he is the same young man now going by the name of Landon Falgoust in this shoot for Rick Day.And yes, I have to mention again that these photos are by Rick Day, one of our all-time favorite photographers here on the Gay Body Blog. I have no idea how many shoots of his we’ve seen on here over the years, but he has a talent for really showing off some incredibly gorgeous men, and long may that continue to be the case too. This is a pretty hot mix of shots, with Landon Falgoust playing the part of a skater boy – not very convincingly I might add lol – and then the part of a handsome young professional man – something more to his speed in my opinion. He is more of a “James Bond” than a “Jimmy Bond” isn’t he? He definitely has that look about him.
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Wednesday, January 29

Felipe Martins

Ridiculously handsome is the only way I can describe Felipe Martins properly. There is no other way for me to really convey how utterly gorgeous I think this young man is.
There are thousands of guys I could post, hundreds of male models that I think are attractive, and have great bodies. But I’m starting to think that maybe I should have a scale of rating, a method to indicate on a 1 to 10 how perfect I think a model is.
Felipe Martins would be a 10.

Absolutely everything about this guy turns me on. Just check out these pics by Giuliano Correia and I think you’ll understand what I mean. He has the most teasing and seductive eyes, and they really do say “come to bed” lol
Then those lips, totally kissable. And that jaw line too…
But the rest of him certainly isn’t ignored in these pics, showing off his very slightly hairy chest, and then teasing in some denim shorts.

But, with Felipe Martins, it’s more about his gorgeous face – along with a smooth and less defined physique. Together, that whole package deal makes him one of the most stunning men I think I have ever shared on the blog.
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Monday, January 27

Model Kaylan Morgan

JUICY!!!!!!Kaylan Morgan is definitely a catch. I would love the chance to help him with his tackle. I would hate to go overboard when complimenting him though… Being a bit of a bulge addict as I am, I was pretty certain that a lot of the readers here would like to see these incredibly sexy photos of the guy wearing very little indeed. These are the kinds of underwear shots a guy could quite easily jerk off over icon wink More Of Kaylan Morgan I mentioned previously that I had my suspicions about him being pretty well hung. I think it’s fair to say after looking at these photos that he definitely has some generous proportions there, and considering there’s room to grow I can imagine that he puts on quite a show when he’s “in the mood”
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Sunday, January 26


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Friday, January 24

Kevin AZ -Model

JUICY!!!!!!Some jock models out there are like the epitome of the all-American jock boy, and when I saw Kevin AZ I immediately thought he was a great example. I love everything about this guy, from his eyes to his bulge! Of course I’m gonna love the bulge, This guy is only 25 years old, but he already knows what he wants to do. He’s not just a model, he’s studying too, Marketing and Nutrition. So I guess he’s really keeping his options open (something we all need to be doing!) But of course, his hot body is the focus of the post, and that is one tight and muscled body he has there. While he’s shaved and smooth in these pics, I can imagine that he might actually be a little naturally hairy. I’d love to see pics of him in all his glory and without being shaved smooth! I guess he’s only just started out recently, so there aren’t a whole lot of images out there of this guy, but if you find any more, please let me know because I would really love to see a lot more of this guy. And I’m pretty sure all our readers would too.
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Saturday, January 18

Midnights with Adam (2013)

JUICY!!!!!! Midnights with Adam (2013) After engaging in an anonymous sexual act, J. Harper Lee, a detached and newly out-of-the closet young man, arrives to a soirée planned by his best friend, Annie. Throughout the night, as he catches up with close acquaintances and struggles to hold back his feelings for his straight friend, Danny, Harper agonizes to build a façade of belonging in a world that is not meant for him. As midnight approaches, Harper exploits himself in a brief sexual encounter to mitigate his loneliness and disconnection only to realize that he must come to terms with his identity in order to find his place in this hetero-normative world.
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Cristiano Ronaldo

JUICY!!!!!!Okay, I have avoided this post for a while, mainly because I know that Cristiano Ronaldo is a real Marmite guy. You know what I mean? Do you have Marmite where you are? I guess you might have Vegemite, and I think it’s the same thing. What I mean is, you either love or hate, there’s no real middle ground. With Cristiano Ronaldo I think it’s the same. There is no denying that the guy is pretty handsome, and he does have a really hot muscled body. But at the same time he comes across as really arrogant and severely self-involved. You have to admit, love him or hate him, Cristiano Ronaldo is hot to look at!
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JUICY!!!!!! Choi Ho Jin, born in Seoul, is a Korean model. Standing 5-foot-9, Jin had always been told that he had a face and body for modeling but he never really thought of modeling as a career. In the year 2006, a family member convinced Jin to get a portfolio done and have it submitted to various modeling agencies in Korea. Thinking it would not hurt to attempt, he had his portfolio completed and submitted his images. Jin's six pack abs and magnetic smile were an instant hit and within days he had landed jobs appearing in a number of editorial magazines. He's secured campaigns for big companies such as "DKNY" underwear, "Johnnie Walker" soda mix, "Palm Beach Hotel" and the cover of "Men's Health" magazine, as well as doing numerous runway shows. His exposure in Men's Health photo shoot and fashion show really helped Jin jump start his career and has now branched out into acting

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