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Thursday, April 2

Anatoly Goncharov

JUICY!!!!!!So it seems a lot of you guys love Anatoly Goncharov as much as I do, and you were quick to add some very nice comments to one of the hottest shoots of the guy Of course I’ve been out there looking for more of this guy and his handsome face, and that gorgeous body too, and I found this recent shoot for PetitQ that I figured you guys would want to see. I am still looking for more of course, so if you guys want to help me out with that let me know when you see him out there somewher He’s looking so sexy and teasing in this shoot too, deliberately getting us all hot under the collar. There is no denying that there’s some serious homo-eroticism going on here, with the milk dripping down his stunning body and that kinky little smirk to the camera. Can you imagine waking up and sharing breakfast with this guy? I know what would be on the menu at my place, and I have a feeling a lot of you guys would be making exactly the same suggestion :) Anatoly Goncharov is one of those hottest male models out there, and I hope we get a whole lot more of him in the coming months. Nude please! lol
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JUICY!!!!!!We’ve had this guy on the blog a while back when he was part of a crew being shot for the Andrew Christian brand, but I definitely prefer this new collection of the gorgeous hunk. He’s looking a lot more buff in this shoot too, packing some real muscle. He was gorgeous back then, but more of a twinky/jock type. He’s definitely looking a lot hotter now. These shots are actually from his own calendar, and I think he might be trying to suggest that he’s rather good around the house. Domesticated or not, I would love to have him around to help me with some little things (and some things that might not be so little lol)
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