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Wednesday, August 31


This could very well be Dominic Roque‘s most important picture, for now. At least for this site. How can you explain that adorable VPL, seemingly about to burst from the cramped confines of a tiny piece of clothing? Trolls may have a field day with this one, but more will rejoice as Dom finally unleashes his sexiest and cuter-than-cute boy-next-door good looks and charm! On Hump Day, we do Dominic Roque and his boyish nakedness. It has been a while since the 25-year-old actor and underwear endorser has graced this blog, and now we present him in his pair of Bench Body briefs. He’s in his physical prime, which explains hy he’s a favorite at the Bench backlot (or basement) where the shoots are done. I meant photo shoots, silly. Despite the I-smell-poop look on cam, Dominic Roque is one hella hot fella in person. He’s also one of the underwear endorsers of Bench Body and that’s a mean feat considering how many young men would like to be in his underpants right now for that job. I think I did not say that right, I meant Dom is one lucky guy these days. “When the cameras started clicking I was a star burning bright. Burning bright. And I had nothing but the radio on.” Dom’s summer The wraps are off! It’s officially summer when Bench Body releases its newest underwear collection for the hot season.  The local company’s ushering in the dog days with its frontliner favorite boy, Dominic Roque in decent printed boxer briefs. I’m not a fan of busy colors on undergarments, but it’s Dom using it, so I will have to reserve for myself the complaints for now. Candy cuties in undies Throwback to this image of Dominic Roque modeling Bench Body underwear. The past year wasn’t really a banner year for this cute little actor. He has appeared in quite a couple of shows on ABS-CBN as supporting character, and we miss those days when he was way up there in the lead. Plus, his underwear photos are sorely missed, too. Ahh, Mike Tan. How do I start with this one? He’s in the biz for quite some time already and it’s all a-ok for his supporting bits on GMA. Of course, he has always been a favorite in this site, with or without clothes on. More on the latter, needless to say. Cutesome would be a word to describe young Brazilian model Daniel Diniz. Sometimes it is just enough to look and gaze at a fine specimen. In the doldrums of post holiday blues, Daniel in boxer briefs is balm for the weary soul indeed. Speaking of naked all the time, Dominic Roque is also in that wish list. The cute little boy is now one of the resident exhibitionists in Bench Body and I, we are wishing for the little thongs on this guy.  In the meantime, he’s feeling his way through the rigors of underwear modeling. It’s a good start, actually. Do me Dom Yes, indeedy! Everybody loves Dominic Roque! There is a heightened interest in this cute actor and underwear model. Perhaps he has a nice mug. A fine physique in that small frame. Or that his bulge is prominent sometimes. In any case, it’s all about his awesome sex appeal. I can’t get enough.
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